Vacation Bible School 2017


At our Mighty Fortress Vacation Bible School program this year, we will learn that in Jesus, the victory is won!  From July 17-21, at 9 am until noon, the children will gather to learn about our Savior Jesus, and celebrate His love for us! Follow the event on Facebook here.

  • Mighty Fortress Opening: We will begin each day with Mighty Fortress Opening in the Sanctuary, where the kids will meet their fellow group members and leaders. Here, they will sing fun songs based on the hymns of Martin Luther, pray, view the theme video and be introduced to the daily Bible story and concepts, such as the take-home point and key Bible verse.  We will also discuss our mission project for which we will take a collection every day.
  • Stations: After the opening - 
    • The school age children will move through a rotation of five stations within the church, including “Stronghold Storytelling”, “Victory Village Bible Challenge”, “Great Hall Snacks”, “Tournament Crafts”, and “Tournament Games”. 
    • The preschool children (those who have not yet attended kindergarten) will enjoy developmentally appropriate Bible stories, games, crafts, and play time at the white preschool building on the side of the parking lot opposite the church.
  • Mighty Fortress Closing: For the last half hour, everyone gathers together once more in the Sanctuary for the Mighty Fortress Closing where we will review the take-home point, sing more songs, and watch the closing theme video. We will also announce the total collected for the mission that day. 
    • Parents of preschool children need to come into the Sanctuary at the end of the closing to collect their children and sign them out.
    • On their way out, the children will receive some take home information for the parents and a collectible that features the Bible verse and a picture of the bible story of the day to share with friends and family.

May the Holy Spirit empower many great, exciting things at our Mighty Fortress Vacation Bible School this summer!


To enroll your child in Mighty Fortress VBS, please download and complete the enrollment form found here. The form can be mailed to or dropped off at the church office, or, it can be scanned and sent via email to