Board of Youth


Board of Youth (Young People’s Work)

The Board of Young People's Work shall consist of at least three (3) members, including the elected Director of the Board.

The basic objectives of this Board are to involve the young people of the congregation in the work of Christ, provide for their spiritual growth and nurture, and to promote genuine Christian fellowship for the young people of the congregation.

That the objectives of this Board may be carried out, the Board, either corporately or through specifically designated individuals, shall:

  1. Promote attendance and involvement of the congregations youth at all youth activities.

  2. Provide for the continuing spiritual growth of the young people of the congregation through Bible study, prayer, and Christian service.

  3. Plan and carry out, together with other concerned Boards, a year-round program for the young people of the congregation.

  4. Involve youth leaders from all parts of the congregations work in developing a planned parish program for young people.

  5. Develop a program for the social fellowship of both young people and the young adults of the congregation including various recreational programs.

  6. Actively engage in the selection and training of leaders for the young people's program at all times.

  7. Plan and observe, together with the Pastor(s), a yearly congregational young people's Sunday.

  8. Plan a special event to welcome the newly confirmed young people of the congregation and to invite them to join the young people's group.

  9. Provide for continual education of young people on topics of current interest to them.

  10. Provide opportunities for involvement as servants in the life of the community such as civic, school, cultural, humanitarian, recreational and other social groups.

  11. Provide for public recognition of various youth achievement and accomplishments.

  12. Plan and coordinate activities for youth with other young people's groups outside the congregation, particularly with other Lutheran young people's groups at various levels.

  13. In conjunction with the Board of Evangelism, train and involve the young people of the congregation and bringing others to faith in Christ.

  14. Provide counseling for the spiritual, moral, social, and vocational development of young people.

  15. Recruit, together with the Board of Christian Education, young people for full-time service in the church as pastors, teachers, and the light.

  16. Welcome and use college students during the summer months for various young people's activities.

  17. Submit at the time and in the form required, an annual budget as requested by the Board of Stewardship.

  18. For administrative purposes and program development, supervise the work of all youth and young people's groups in the congregation.