Board of Public Relations


Board of Public Relations

The Board of Public Relations shall consist of at least two (2) members, including the elected Director of the Board.

The basic objectives of this Board are the presentation to the public of a Christian image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and of the congregation as His instrument, the publicizing of the work of the congregation through various channels, and the general integration of the congregation’s work into the life of the community.

That the objectives of this Board may be carried out, the Board, either corporately or through specifically designated individuals, shall:

  1. Represent the congregation in community activities as well as keeping the congregation informed of social, political, and economic developments within the community.

  2. Be concerned, together with other appropriate Boards, with the congregations role in the community and develop useful means of becoming a better service to the community.

  3. Work with other churches to improve the unified Christian image to the community and to implement the Church's mission.

  4. Maintain contact with benevolent and charitable agencies in the community, state and on the national level and recommend to the congregation responses to opportunities for service.

  5. Establish and maintain a continuing program of publicity for the congregation and its activities which will reflect favorably on the congregation and its commitment to the Gospel of Christ.

  6. Maintain the church bulletin boards indoors and outdoors, and recommend appropriate messages and themes for publication.

  7. Work for the overall enhancement of the Congregation's image in the various news media and publications of the community.

  8. Establish and maintain friendly relationships between the congregation and the professional, community service, and governmental agencies within the community.

  9. Work together with the Board of Elders and making the visitors feel welcome in our midst.

  10. Submit an annual budget request to the Board of Stewardship in the form and at the time requested by that Board.