Board of Elders


Board of Elders

The nature of the duties of this Board requires that only men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal, and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ shall be elected to membership. The Board shall consist of at least eight (8) members, including the elected director of the Board.

The basic objectives of this Board are the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and Congregation members, individually and corporately, and the supervision of everything pertaining to Congregational worship.

That the objectives of this Board may be carried out, the Board, either corporately or through specifically designated individuals, shall:

  1. Pray for the Pastor(s) and other spiritual leaders.

  2. Encourage the Pastor(s) in his work by word and action.

  3. Be concerned about the spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of the Pastor(s) and his family (adequate compensation, housing, free time, vacation, assistance in times of illness), and to that end specifically review these items once a year.

  4. Assist the Pastor(s) in counseling with difficult cases and in finding peaceful and God-pleasing solutions to personal problems within the Congregation.

  5. Review yearly the salary in performance of the Church secretary(ies) and make appropriate recommendations to the Voting Membership, or, in case a vacancy, interview and hire a replacement in conjunction with the Pastor(s).

  6. Exercise leadership in gathering call lists and calling a new Pastor when a vacancy occurs.

  7. Maintain discipline within the Congregation according to Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions and Article 4 (Membership) of the constitution and Article 3 (Discipline in the Congregation) of the By-laws of this Congregation and exercise discipline when required.

  8. Take spiritual charge and oversight of the geographical or familial groupings assigned to them in liaison with Pastor(s) and other concerned Boards of the Congregation.

  9. Insure that the Congregation functions in accordance with the established doctrine of the Church as listed in Article 2 (Voting Membership) of the Constitution.

  10. Determine eligibility for membership of all individuals and families applying for membership in this Congregation according to Article 4 (Meetings of the Congregation) of the Constitution and Article 1 (Communicant Membership) of the By-laws.

  11. See to the prompt transfer of all members who move away and of new Lutheran families moving into the community.

  12. Engage in continual review of communication and Church attendance of all members, make calls on delinquents, follow-up on all newborn children in the Congregation until they are baptized.

  13. Train and supervise a Visitation Committee and engage in visitation of all sick, hospitalized, aged, and shut-ins and the Congregation continually.

  14. Investigate cases of severe financial need within the Congregation and make specific recommendations to the Pastor(s) and the Board of Stewardship.

  15. Be concerned about and supervise through instruction of youth and adults for confirmation and Church membership in accordance with the policies and aims of the Board of Christian Education.

  16. Be responsible for a friendly, personal welcome of visitors at worship and for orientation and integration of new members in conjunction with the Board of Evangelism.

  17. Be present for periodic training as determined by the Pastor(s) and this Board.

  18. Encourage spiritual programs in the societies of the Congregation.

  19. Submit an annual budget request in the form and at the time requested by the Board of Stewardship.


For the Worship of the Congregation:

  1. Assist the organists of the Congregation.

  2. Provide for vicars, assistance, substitute Pastor(s) and guest speakers as needed.

  3. Staff, train, and supervise the usher/greeter staff.

  4. Assist the Pastor(s) with communication distribution, reading of Scripture, preaching, etc., as required.

  5. Recommend to Voters the time, schedule and number of communion and other services in conjunction with the Pastor(s).

  6. Approve and disapprove new forms of worship, liturgies, and hymns for use in public worship.

  7. Oversee the Altar Guild in the care, use and maintenance of the sacred vessels, the altar furnishings, and vestments.

  8. Maintain an adequate supply of expendable items for worship such as communion cards, pencils, communion wine and wafers, baptismal napkins, candles, etc., in conjunction with the Altar Guild and the Pastor(s).

  9. Coordinate with the Altar Guild all Church and chancel decorations, and the distribution of altar flowers to the sick and shut-ins.

  10. Plan and publicize the regular and special services for the year.

  11. Supervise the budgeted allotment for the selection and procurement of appropriate music, assistance with choirs, and other related matters in conjunction with the Director of Music.

  12. Recommend and annually review compensation and personnel for the music staff as required for public worship.

  13. Maintain and supervise adequate nursery facilities and personnel.