Board of Church Properties


Board of Church Properties

The Board of Church Properties  shall consist of at least five (5) members, including the elected Director of the Board.

The basic objectives of this Board are proper maintenance and repair of church property, the representation of the congregation in all legal matters, and the general protection of the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.

That the objectives of this Board may be carried out, the Board, either corporately or through specifically designated individuals, shall:

  1. Make an annual inspection of church properties and equipment and recommend it to the Voters’ Assembly needed repairs, improvements, or replacements.

  2. Conduct an annual inventory of all Church properties, equipment, and supplies, including acquisition date and approximate the value of each item.

  3. Carry out all resolutions of the Voters’ Assembly on purchases, repairs, and replacements of the church property and equipment.

  4. Determine and engage, with congregational approval, adequate custodial help. The Board will also meet periodically with custodians to discuss the care of the buildings, needs and problems in custodial service, and the like.

  5. Prepare for the custodial help a detailed list of the required daily and weekly, monthly or annual maintenance of the facilities and equipment of the congregation.

  6. Annually review and recommend salaries for all custodial help and to that end study and recommend policies regarding union labor, fair employment practices and the like to be applied to suppliers and to the congregation.

  7. Determine and establish, with the approval of the Voters’ Assembly, regulations governing the use of church property and equipment.

  8. Coordinate the schedule of activities within the facilities in conjunction with the Board of Parish Fellowship.

  9. Make and issue keys for church property and to keep interview annually a list of the keys issued.

  10. Supervise, control, and recommend adequate storage facilities for all Church property equipment, and supplies and the orderly maintenance of the same.

  11. Annually check the adequacy of all types of insurance for church property and equipment and negotiate insurance contracts.

  12. Check all property twice a year for fire hazards and up-to-date fire extinguishers.

  13. Enlist work crews for special repair, improvement, cleaning, painting decorating, landscaping and other projects.

  14. Arrange for all normal repairs and alterations for which budget funds have been allocated. For immediate repairs of an urgent nature, two members of the board may approve, in an emergency, anything costing up to $250. Larger non-budgeted expenses must be approved by the Voters’ Assembly.

  15. Obtain legal information necessary for the wise consideration of contract, deeds, and the like by the congregation.

  16. Negotiate service contracts for the organ, office machines, and the like.

  17. Make an annual inventory of official documents in safekeeping, and enter its completion and the official minutes of the congregation.

  18. Sign official documents and contracts that have been negotiated and approved by the congregation, and to this and the director of the Board shall appoint two members of the Board of Church Properties to serve as Trustees for the congregation.

  19. Obtain legal information on the laws governing non-profit organizations.

  20. Set all policies and fees for rental, use and lending of church properties.

  21. Submit an annual budget request to the board of stewardship in the form and at the time requested by that bored.