Board of Christian Education


Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education shall consist of seven (7) members, including the elected Director of the Board.

The basic objective of this Board are to plan and administer the total educational program of the congregation, to determine policies, to select personnel for the various agencies, to provide the necessary means and facilities for the agencies, and to direct and supervise the entire educational program of the congregation.

That the objectives of this Board may be carried out, the Board, either corporately or through specifically designated individuals, shall:

  1. Be responsible for the Christian nurture of children, youth, and adults in the congregation and, through them, in the community and beyond.

  2. Establish objectives, set policies for, and supervise the total education program for each education agency in the congregation, including personnel; i.e., Sunday School, Weekday School, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation Classes, Bible Classes, and all other educational groups.

  3. Provide for active expression of Christian love and concern as an integral part of the total education program.

  4. Approve curriculum and analyze performance of each agency and seek constant improvement.

  5. Continually review existing agencies to determine whether all age groups are being served, and recommend revision and additions as deemed advisable.

  6. Make annual analysis, by age groups, to determine the degree of participation of the total membership of the congregation in its total educational program.

  7. Maintain a ‘people accounting system’ to record members’ participation in the education program and to follow up the uninvolved.

  8. Be concerned, together with the Board of Youth, for the assimilation of newly confirmed youth into appropriate agencies for study and activity.

  9. Work with organizations and other Boards and committees to coordinate educational activities within the congregation.

  10. Provide, in conjunction with the Board of Evangelism, for the recruitment of pupil for the educational agencies of the church.

  11. Encourage increasing participation of every congregation member in Bible Study, privately and formal and informal groups.

  12. Delegate administration of educational agencies to qualified persons.

  13. Enlist, train, place and continue to train lay teachers and leaders as the congregation’s needs require.

  14. Establish a system of commendation for and recognition of faithful service by all persons involved in the educational task of the congregation.

  15. Strengthen families as basic units of Christian Education and closely related congregational agencies to the homes through parent-teacher organizations, conferences, etc.

  16. For administrative purposes and program development, supervise the work of any parent-teacher organization, children's groups such as Boy Scouts, and all other such agencies.

  17. Encourage Christian educational programs and societies of the congregation such as L. L. L., Couples’ Club, L.W.M.L., etc.

  18. Consider special cases, courses, conferences, retreats and the like for special purposes and for special groups.

  19. Consider provision of special education opportunities for handicapped persons.

  20. Provide for the professional growth of the educational staff through conferences, conventions, continuing education and the like, and request the necessary funds for the same in a yearly budget.

  21. Maintain, improve, and cultivate the use of a church library.

  22. Provide for and promote the use of audio-visual aids and to this establish and maintain a film library.

  23. Provide and/or promote subscriptions to church periodicals.

  24. Evaluate and consider materials suggested by the education Department's of Synod, District, and Circuit.

  25. Establish and maintain, in conjunction with other Boards,  a continuing program for the recruitment of full-time workers in the church at large such as pastors, teachers, deaconesses , and the like.

  26. Establish and maintain a permanent file of all children and youth of the congregation by age, grade level, and the like to see to it that such a file is kept continually up-to-date. Example: Cradle Roll.

  27. Annually examine the education facilities and equipment, and make recommendations to the Board of Church Properties as to upkeep, repairs and replacements needed, as well as new equipment needed.

  28. Check the safety of education facilities - steps, handrails, lights, exits, housekeeping practices, fire drills and the like - on a regular basis.

  29. Prepare and submit an annual budget request in the form and at the time requested by the board of stewardship.