‚ÄúFor even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.‚Ä̬†¬†Mark 10:45

As Christians, we are called to serve others, and there are many ways to get involved at Christ Lutheran Church! Our congregation has several boards that members are welcome and encouraged to serve on. Each board has its own unique purpose within the church, meaning that different boards require members with varying talents to help them run efficiently. Here at Christ Lutheran, there is something for everyone! Take a look at our church boards below to learn more about their goals.

Board of Christian Day School 

The Board of Christian Day School is called to supervise the operation of our Christian Day School here at Christ Lutheran. Board members ensure that our teachers and staff are providing a Christian education in a warm and caring environment for the children in and around the community, focusing on the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Board of Church Properties

The Board of Church Properties is called to provide proper maintenance and repair of church property and to protect the congregation against loss or damage. 

Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism is called to bring the Gospel to the unchurched in the community and to encourage the congregation to spread the Good News. This board has several committees including Out-Reach and the Youth Alaska Mission. 

Board of Planned Giving

The Board of Planned Giving is called to plan and administer Christ Lutheran's Endowment Fund. Board members exhibit responsibility by promoting planned giving, supervising the acceptance of gifts and donations as well as the investment of assets, and distributing from the Fund. 

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship is called to initiate programs for the development of good stewardship attitudes in the members of the congregation in regard to time, talents, and treasures. Their goal is to get members of the congregation involved according to their individual and unique talents and interests.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is called to direct and administer the education program at Christ Lutheran and to select personnel for the several programs offered to our members. 

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders consists of men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal, and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ. Elders are called to ensure the welfare of the Pastor, congregation members, and supervise all aspects of congregational worship. 

Board of Parish Fellowship

The Board of Parish Fellowship is called to strengthen the fellowship among congregation members both spiritually and socially, help integrate new members into the congregation, and plan social gatherings for the congregation.

Board of Public Relations 

The Board of Public Relations is called to present to the public a Christian image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and the congregation. Our PR team actively seeks new ways to promote our church within the community through both traditional (i.e. newspapers) and modern (i.e. social media) means.

Board of Youth

The Board of Youth is called to involve the youth of the congregation is the work of Christ, provide for and nurture their spiritual growth, and promote genuine Christian fellowship with one another. Our youth group offers a variety of service projects and fellowship activities to get youth in 5th - 12th grade engaged in the Word of God and the congregation.